Boa Vista: João Pereira Silva “does not consider himself a hero” despite “putting his life at risk” in the liberation struggle

Sal Rei, Jan 21 (Inforpress) – Former Cabo Verde independence fighter João Pereira Silva says he “does not consider himself a hero”, despite “having put his life at risk” by participating in the liberation struggle of Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde.

The ex-combatant made these statements in an interview with Inforpress on the January 20, National Heroes Day, a date that for 39 years ago recalls the day of the death of Amílcar Cabral, considered one of the most charismatic African leaders of the struggles for emancipation of its peoples.

Despite having participated in the armed struggle as a combatant, and putting his life at risk on the African borders of Guinea and the surrounding areas, João Pereira said that “this alone is not justified in having the title of hero”. “I am not a hero because it is necessary to have done something exceptional for the progress of our community, or society, and still have been recognized and declared as such,” said Joao Pereira Silva, who defends that only participating in the national liberation struggle does not give him the title.

Still for him, in order to have this title, man must have sacrificed his life, made actions in lives that go beyond the times, leaving something important for society and the country. And, of those that he considers the great national men and heroes, highlights, Amílcar Cabral and the first President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, Aristides Pereira.



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