Boa Vista: Family members submitted proposal to name local high school priest

Sal Rei, Mar 10 (Inforpress) – The members of the family of Father Porfírio Pereira Silva will deliver a proposal for the attribution of his name to the Boa Vista secondary school and also pay homage to him for the legacy to the island.

According to João Pereira Silva, the idea is to resume a proposal that had already been attributed to the school in 1989 by the 27 de Setembro Association, when the school was of complementary basic education.

As this relative of the priest explained, at that time the proposal was made and it was accepted in the Deliberative Council and Ministry of Education, this on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of national independence, in 1995, there was even a plaque with the name Padre Porfírio.

In this same timeline, the source said that later, on the occasion of the school’s 20th anniversary, a teacher came looking for information in the school’s archives but did not find the name. In the meantime, they contacted family members to organize this process to resume the proposal that has now been presented to the public to make known who Father Porfírio Pereira Silva was.



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