Boa Vista: Court in the island continues with “strong increase” of legal proceedings – report highlights

Sal Rei, Oct 24 (Inforpress) – The Court of Boa Vista continues to record a “strong increase of legal proceedings”, with the entry of 389 new cases that, together with 250 pending, totaling 639 cases processed in the year now ending.

This information can be found in the Justice Situation Report 2018/2019, noting that although 378 cases were judged, they were still pending for the next judicial year 261.

According to the data in the document, “of the proceedings 311 are criminal cases, of which 261 were tried and 50 were pending, 328 were civil, of which 117 were tried and 211 were pending.

In this regard, the document also states that this “means that the bulk of the case is in civil matters”. It is also noted in the document that “the pending at the Boa Vista Court, despite the efforts of the team working there, suffered a slight aggravation in the order of 11 cases, given that it was not able to overcome the decisions (378) the number of processes brought (389) ”.



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