Bad Agricultural Year: “Government has not yet mobilized all funding,” Minister

Praia, Jan 16 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Agriculture and Environment said the Government has not yet been able to mobilize all funding for the third drought mitigation plan, but said “no action will be stopped” due to lack of funds.

“We have not yet mobilized all the funding, the country is making efforts with the resources it has for some water mobilization activity, we will work with the water management entities to strengthen investments and we will allocate money from the Environment Fund for that purpose,” said Gilberto Silva.

The official, who was speaking to the press Wednesday on the sidelines of the regional workshop on research, innovation and technology transfer for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in West and Central Africa, did not said the amount achieved so far, but assured they are working so that “nothing and no activity” is delayed because of the total funding budgeted at 1 billion escudos.

“There are activities underway, for example animal feed subsidy on islands where it has not rained, we are making every effort to maintain continuity according to the pre-established timetable and we are working hard to fund and start several measures to mobilize water not only for public supply, but also for land irrigation, ”he said.

Gilberto Silva also said that the Government is working with the municipalities in the various actions are underway, and additionally “strengthens and makes available” funds for municipalities to promote public employment.



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