ASPPEC president calls for funds to create more school libraries in the country

Praia, Oct 29 (Inforpress) – The president of the Association for the Promotion of Educational Heritage of Cabo Verde (ASPPEC) today called on the Government to allocate more money to the Ministry of Education for the creation of both physical and audiovisual libraries.

Clara Marques spoke in statements to Inforpress, after a conversation about the importance of the School Library with the  Lavadouro Elementary School students, to mark the “School Libraries” Day celebrated under the theme “School Library, nursery of Citizenship”.

On this day of the School Libraries, she was pleased that there were some initiatives in the country for the creation of nine school libraries. However, she expressed concern about the situation of some existing libraries, which in her view are “dead spaces”.

The Government, according to Clara Marques, should make more money available for the Ministry of Education to create libraries, not only physical but also audiovisual, especially at a time when students born in the Internet age want something different.



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