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ARC reacts to the AJOC statement and says it “does not deliberate to please either Greeks or Trojans…”

Praia, Jun 5 (Inforpress) – The regulatory authority for media (ARC) reacted Tuesday to the AJOC’s recent statement of May 27, which it considered as “…slight, rudimentary and partial” the analysis of the regulator in the face of a complaint against Television of Cabo Verde.

In response, the ARC issued a statement on Tuesday stating that this institution “does not deliberate to please Greeks or Trojans”, but does so in the fulfillment of its obligations, not of others, and in observance of the current Law and not of any agenda”.

The ARC statement was unanimously approved at the 4th extraordinary meeting of its Governing Board held today in the City of Praia, and was signed by President Arminda Pereira Barros and the directors, Alfredo Henriques Mendes Dias Pereira, Jacinto José Araújo Estrela and Karine de Carvalho Andrade Ramos.

Without making any reference to the AJOC – Union Association of Journalists of Cabo Verde -, the ARC statement begins by stating that “…there are those who arrogate better, greater and unique knowledge of the rules of the country in matters of social media, and to assume with authority enough to vilify the image, the mandate, and the exercise of the functions of the regulatory authority in the interpretation and use that is convenient for the defense of rights”.



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