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ANCV starts “for soon” second phase of documentary rescue with the scanning process – Registrar 

Praia, Jun 7 (Inforpress) – The National Archive of Cabo Verde (ANCV) will start “for soon” the second phase of the rescue project of the Cabo Verde archives deposited in the Historical Archive Ultramarino, in Portugal, with the scanning process of these documents.

The information was presented to Inforpress by the Registrar of the National Archives of Cabo Verde (ANCV), José Maria Borges Tavares, and informed that in the first phase (2012-2014) was made the survey of all the collection belonging to the history of Cabo Verde in Portugal.

In this survey, it was reported, 10.110 documents were found distributed in 138 drawers, and of this collection 8.024 constitute the Archive Fund of the Overseas Board and are installed in 112 metal lockers, most of which are handwritten documents, dated from 1614 to 1833.

Given the nature of this handwritten documentation, and because it is well identified and, at the same time, constantly requested by national researchers and the CPLP, said that it is urgently necessary to take it as “priority in the process for treatments and digitization” to which the National Historical Archive is proposed.



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