Alcohol law completes today four months and continues to be ignored

Praia, Feb 5 (Inforpress) – The new alcohol law completes four months this Tuesday and several places, at least, in Praia, where the legislation does not allow it, continue to market this product.

Inforpress made a tour for some neighborhoods in the capital and was able to verify that the shelves of some kiosks are still “decorated” with bottles of all kinds of alcoholic beverages, namely grogue, whiskey and beer. Nearby to some sports venues, the alcohol has also been marketed, contrary to the law.

In an interview with Inforpress, on December 5th, when the alcohol law had completed two months, Manuel Faustino, considered the face of this campaign, said that it was too early to comment on the effects of applying the new legislation, but understood that there were “positive and encouraging signs”.

According to that psychiatrist, people are getting used to new ways of dealing with alcohol in two ways: some are trying to see the way to “cheat and circumventing the law” and, others, “adapting and accepting the new reality”.



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