Directorate of Prison Services with agreement for inclusion of convicts through alternative penalties

Praia, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The Directorate-General for Prison Services and Social Reintegration today signed a cooperation agreement with the Agostinho Neto University Hospital (HUAN), which aims to include prisoners sentenced to alternative sentences, through social services provided to this institution.

This information was announced to the press on the sidelines of the signature the agreement between the Ministry of Justice, through the Directorate-General for Prison Services and Social Reintegration, which also provided for the signing of a partnership with other institutions such as the Cabo Verde Red Cross and the Catholic Church.

As explained by the Director of Prison Services and Social Reintegration, João Delgado, the absence of these two entities is justified by the overlap of agenda, so he said that they will resume in due course.

“The idea will also cover more beneficiary entities, we have our plan for implementing social reintegration, and based on this plan we set out key goals and objectives that will be to get entities to help us work with alternative sentences,” he said.



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