Death of the police officer Hamilton Morais was an accident – says Emanuel Staline Moreno

Praia, Nov 27 (Inforpress) – National Police National Director Emanuel Estaline Moreno said Tuesday that in principle the murder of the police officer Hamilton Morais in October by his colleague was an accident.

“What happened is an accident, so in principle it is an accident, it appears, and we will wait for the outcome of the investigations and at the end we will be able to better pronounce on this issue,” he told to the reporters at the end of a Police Command and Directorate Course (CCDP), intended for the National Police Officers.

Emanuel Staline Moreno acknowledged that this is a “sad” case, but it does not, however, stain police cooperation.

However, he said that they will “calmly” wait for the process to be concluded, which is already under the jurisdiction of the judiciary.

“This is a serious situation anyway, but it will not undermine our performance because the National Police must always be available and ready to deal with any situation at national level,” he said.



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