CVMA 2022: Dynamo’s “Primavera” shines at gala marked by a “blackout”

Praia, Oct 3 (Inforpress) – The 11th edition of the CVMA was marked by a “blackout” of about 30 minutes, “incident that did not overshadow the brightness of the event” nor the “Primavera” by Dynamo, winner of the popular music category of the year.

According to the organization, the local electrical failure was due to a short circuit occurred in the Neighborhood of Achada São Filipe which affected the National Library area of the, but “promptly solved by Electra”.

The celebration night of music was for Dynamo who took the most prizes event, held in the Memorial Amílcar Cabral square and honors the rtist Antero Simas with the career award.

This distinction was added with the interpretation, at the most emotional moment of the night, of “Doce Guerra” by Antero Simas by the quartet Mário Marta, Diva Barros, Nancy Vieira and Neusa de Pina.

Dynamo also won the award for best kizomba, also with the song “Primavera”, and divided the best collaboration with William Araújo and Djodje, with the interpretation of “Suleban”, as well as of the best producer with Cláudio Ramos also with “Primavera”.

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