COVID-19: Vava Duarte Sports Complex  available to receive patients – Manager

Praia, May 18 (Inforpress) – The ava Duarte Sports Complex is available to health authorities to receive patients with COVID-19 and help fight the disease, said the manager, Orlandinho Mascarenhas.

As the country’s capital continues to record an increase in the number of cases of the new coronavirus, the official explained that the idea is to provide the sports infrastructure to accommodate patients for treatment and not overburden the four field hospitals.

“A visit to the structure was made last Saturday, I believe that it is necessary to be ahead of events, and in a little while the National Stadium will have a full capacity and it is necessary to foresee and create spaces if it is necessary to be used,” he said.

Orlandinho Mascarenhas, who was speaking to journalists Sunday during the delivery of the new facilities, at the National Stadium that will receive 40 additional patients, said that this new structure has all the conditions to receive infected people, and follows the health authorities recommendations.



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