COVID-19/São Miguel: Fishermen’s Association says fishing situation in the county is serious

Pedra Badejo, May 18 (Inforpress) – The president of the São Miguel Fishermen’s Association, Francisco Silva, said that the fishing situation in the municipality is “serious”, lamenting the lack of support, mainly for canned fish.

Francisco Silva revealed to Inforpress that before taking over the  association leadership it had an ice machine that produced and generated revenue, but it’s broken and since then the situation has become complicated.

“The Government proposed an ice machine for Calheta de São Miguel, but until today we haven’t seen anything”, he said, adding that fishermen keep the fish fresh, but it only last to the next day because the condition does not allow for more than 24 hours.

Regarding restrictive measures to prevent COVID-19, Francisco Silva noted that this did not affect too much the fishermen from São Miguel, because they have not yet been prevented from going to sea. “A good number of fishermen and fishmongers have already received social support of 10.000 escudos”, he acknowledged, stressing that people who have not yet received it are because they do not have a bank account.



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