COVID-19/Porto Novo: Technical school ready to resume classes in accordance with health authorities recommendations

Porto Novo, May 18 (Inforpress) – The João Varela technical school, in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, has everything ready to resume 12th grade clases this May 19th said the school management.

The board of this school guarantees, in a statement, that classes, both technically and general, will be resumed on Tuesday “complying with all the recommendations from the National Directorate of Health and the contingency plan of this educational establishment.

According to the direction, the conditions are created for the resumption of classes (the distribution of classrooms and the new timetables are already posted in the school windows) with the aim of completing the contents planned for this school year and preparing for complementary tests, in June.

This technical and general education establishment assures parents, guardians and the educational community that all recommendations from authorities and the school’s contingency plan to deal with the COVID-19 will be complied with.



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