COVID-19/Fogo: Pandemic delays implementation of electrification in Chã das Caldeiras – promoter

São Filipe, May 20 (Inforpress) – The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the cause of the delay in the implementation of the electrification project in the Chã das Caldeiras region, the only people in Santa Catarina that do not have electric power.

The project promoter, Jorge Andrade, speaking to Inforpress, said he believed that by the end of June the installation could be started, stressing that the process for composing the distribution of household and public electric power in Chã das Caldeiras has been completed, and is currently in the identification phase of the electric meters.

“COVID-19 made it impossible to travel and purchase equipment, but I believe that in the coming weeks the situation may change,” said Jorge Andrade, stressing that the electrification process in Chã das Caldeiras “is already closed and as soon as the City of Praia is open they will move forward”.

The company responsible for the execution of the Chã das Caldeiras electrification project was selected through a public tender, whose opening of the bidders’ proposals took place in last February 3rd and the start was scheduled for the first quarter.


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