Covid-19: Cabo Verdean in the Netherlands launches “Mi é Cabo Verde” campaign

Praia, 24 Mar (Inforpress) – A Cabo Verdean resident in the Netherlands Margarida Mendes launched a fundraising campaign “Mi é Cabo Verde” (I’m Cabo Verde), in partnership with the Cabo Verde Red Cross, to support the country in the fight against Covid-19.

The campaign, which is taking place on the “GoFundMe” website, according to the secretary general of the Red Cross, Salomão Furtado, has as its main target the Boa Vista Island, where the three cases of Covid-19 in the country were discovered.

Salomão Furtado considered that the measures presented by the Government end up having a “greater impact” on the daily lives of many needy families, from the point of view of food and other needs.

It is in this sense that the Red Cross joined this campaign by the “Fijdus di Terra” to better expand it and because they also wanted to carry out something like this to support the most needy families in Boa Vista with food basket.

In addition to supporting this campaign, the Cabo Verde Red Cross has an ongoing Contingency Plan that aims to mobilize financial and material resources from the regional and international structures of this organization for further awareness raising.



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