Coordinators from all municipalities of the country gathered in Praia to harmonize pedagogical methodologies in preschool

Praia, Nov 27 (Inforpress) – Preschool Education coordinators from all municipalities of the country are meeting from Tuesday to Thursday in Praia, in a meeting that aims to debate and promote the harmonization of pedagogical methodologies in preschool education.

Speaking to Inforpress, on the sidelines of the meeting, the technician of the educational management and curriculum development services of the Ministry of Education, Cláudia Mendes, explained that the event aims to share good practices, unify work methodologies and reinforce the skills of pedagogical conduct.

“At the moment we are working to empower these professionals because we still have low-skilled childcare professionals,” she said, noting that this is one of the challenges facing the sector.

Another challenge listed is the issue of access, since, according to her, the Ministry of Education wants “all children” to be in preschool.

“One of the objectives of the Government’s program has to do with the universalization of access. The conditions are being created for all children to have access to preschool through local authorities support in order to support children from low-income families,” she said.



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