Carnival: “Partnership with Rio de Janeiro is strong, has been paying off and is to continue”, Augusto Neves

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dec 9 (Inforpress) – The Mayor of São Vicente called the partnership of the local authority he directs with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, through sambista Dudu Nobre, “strong and successful” and “obviously” is to maintain.

Augusto Neves, when making the balance of the three-year of partnership, to Inforpress in Rio de Janeiro, considered that it “has been very helpful” to the groups and the organization, in order to show a better product, in São Vicente, every year.

“Not only in transmitting our knowledge, because we have a very good Carnival, Dudu Nobre has already publicly revealed that he has learned a lot from us, but we have also learned because the humility is fundamental,” said Neves.

He recalled that those responsible and artists of the São Vicente groups have visited in these three years almost all the places and studios of the main samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, and saw “interesting things” that can be adapted to Mindelo Carnival, always aiming to improve the product.


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