Carnival 2020 / Praia: Vindos do Mar takes to the avenue parade the plot “Commemorate Embassies”

Praia, Feb 10 (Inforpress) – “Commemorate Embassies” is the theme chosen by the Vindos do Mar carnival group, from the neighborhood of Achada Grande Frente, in the City of Praia, for the official parade on the 25th, at Cidade de Lisboa Avenue.

The choice of the theme, according the group responsible, Amélia Monteiro, is to demonstrate the partnership that exists between Cabo Verde and the embassies accredited in the country that has contributed to the development of the archipelago.

Regarding the preparations, she assured that they are taking place in “normality”, despite the delay verified in the distribution of the financial support.

“The rehearsals are going well, but we are rehearsing in different areas. There are people from other locations, namely Achada Grande Trás and Achada Mato, who are unable to rehearse here in Achada Grande Frente, every day, and we have to go and get them, at the group transportation expenses”, she explained.

Despite all the years thinking about preparing carnival work in advance, Amélia Monteiro pointed out that the lack of funds remains one of the “Achilles heels” of the groups.

With 300 extras, the Vindos do Mar group takes six to seven wings to the avenue, and each will represent a flag to symbolize the countries with embassies in the country.

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