Cape Verde opens Identity Card Archive Digitization and Indexing Center

Praia, Oct 18 (Inforpress) – Cape Verde inaugurated this Monday the “Centre for Digitization and Indexing of the Identity Card Archive”, designed to improve the levels of document security and migration management in the country, in a partnership with Institute of Camões (Portugal).

This is a project created in partnership with the Camões Implementation Unit, I.P. of the Project “GESTDOC – Modernization and Strengthening of the Chain of Identification and Document Security in Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau”, which also aims to contribute to the respect of human rights and the fight against trafficking in human beings.

The Minister of Justice told the press that this project plans to create conditions for the country to issue the documents, instead of resorting to their preparation in other countries, namely Portugal, while allowing the modernization of the Registry and Notary services.

Joana Rosa highlighted Portugal’s support in the implementation of this “ambitious project for the country and which will bring gains from the point of view of document security”, as she considers that Cape Verde has been in a very good position at the international community level, given the guarantee of the documents issued in the archipelago.



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