Cabo Verdean entrepreneur in diaspora advocates use of social media for a global perspective of entrepreneurship

Praia, Nov 28 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean entrepreneur in Switzerland Olinda Almeida defended the use of new technologies and social media to gain a global perspective of entrepreneurship in Cabo Verde.

Olinda Almeida, who spoke to reporters Wednesday on the sidelines of the workshop “Coaching to Grow as an Entrepreneur” organized by the Cabo Verdean Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJEC), said social media helps people come up with “broader” ideas, but defended that they should be used with conscience.

“This may be one of the ways young people can go to develop the entrepreneurial side,” she said, adding that young people should research more, ask for help, and observe good experiences. ”In today’s world, she said, people must be always looking for “more news” and exchange ideas with experienced people.

According to the coach, to walk the path of entrepreneurship requires hard work, courage, as well as focus, organization and persistence. Olinda Almeida identified tourism and customer service as areas with business potential that should be taken in Cabo Verde.



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