Cabo Verde with pesticides below the permissible limit but fragile due to the fraudulent introduction of the product, José Teixeira

Praia, Jun 26 (Inforpress) – In Cabo Verde, pesticide residues in products are below the maximum permissible limit, but there are “fragilities” and the possibility of their fraudulent introduction into the market, told to Inforpress the Director General of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock (DGASP).

“The pesticide residue in our products is below the maximum permissible limit. This tells us that there is no uncontrolled in terms of use of the product, but we know of the weaknesses, because we are a country open to the world, so there is a possibility of fraudulent introduction into the market,” said the same source on the sidelines of the third meeting of the National Pesticides Management Committee to be held today at the DGASP.

According to José Teixeira, in addition to the study that reveals the percentage of chemicals used in products to destroy pests, the country through its phytosanitary inspectors, who are working at the borders to inspect things that enter the archipelago, keeps control.

In terms of agricultural field, it has been emphasized that there is a whole range of technical assistance, follow-up and awareness work for the farmers so that they have the perspective that the idea is not to kill the “insect”, but to combat pests if they exist.



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