Cabo Verde Interilhas makes 530 connections and carries 71.000 passengers in five weeks

Praia, Sep 26 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde Interilhas has already made 530 connections and carried 71.000 passengers in five weeks after its beginning into operation, the company said, “confident” in its work.

In a statement, the company said that in the connections between Sal and Boa Vista to Sao Nicolau / S. Vicente, and from Praia there was a demand of 9.000 passengers in the 103 trips made, corresponding to 1.800 passengers per week.

According to the document, the maritime passenger, vehicle and cargo concessionaire on inter-island connections has been increasing its network of agents and ticket outlets, taking care of the partnerships in order to have “greater coverage” at national level.

“The increase to more than 30 outlets offers greater responsiveness locally when looking for tickets,” says the same source.

Currently, the company operates with four ships in several lines, but, according to him, the fleet will be reinforced next October with one additional, in this case the “Sotavento” vessel.



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