Cabo Verde applies for membership in the Fisheries Transparency Initiative

Mindelo, Feb 14 (Inforpress) – The Government has informed that it has applied to become a member of the Transparency in Fisheries Initiative (FiTI) and has pledged to do “everything possible” to “promote, defend and enforce” the FiTI  rules.

In a note sent Thursday to Inforpress, the Government is aware that the country’s policy on sustainable exploitation, rational management, participatory governance and transparency in the exploitation of fisheries resources is fully aligned with the objectives and principles of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative -FiTI.

According to the same document, in its request the Government declared that fishing is of great economic, social, cultural, recreational and leisure importance for the country.

“Taking into account the country’s potential and limitations, it has always been a concern to make sustainable management and use in the exploitation of this potential that has been explored by a national and foreign fleet, through the creation of a regime of access to fishery resources”, reads up in the document.



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