Burela (Spain) hosts the 1st Day of Cape Verdean Literature focusing on “Chiquinho” by Baltasar Lopes da Silva

Lisbon, Mar 14 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Burela, in Spain, hosts, today, Tuesday, the 1st Day of Cape Verdean Literature, promoted by Instituto Perdouro and focusing on the work “Chiquinho” by the Cape Verdean writer Baltasar Lopes da Silva.

According to the organization, the event aims to mark the 75 years (1947-2023) of “Chiquinho”, by Baltasar Lopes, converting the Spanish municipality, for one day, into the “cultural capital of Galician-Lusophone expression”.

In all, there will be almost two hundred people who will gather at the Perdouro Institute Library to read “Chiquinho” for eight hours, that is, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, among students, namely from Cape Verdean, writers, political scientist, linguistics, historians, and professors, including Lourenço Gomes, from the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV), who will intervene by videoconference.

“Throughout the almost eight hours of continuous reading there will be an authentic rosary of special moments”, explained the organization, stressing that “’Chiquinho’ will gather at the same table two cultural authorities in Burela: Rocío Rivera Seara, from Cultural Association Ledicia and Antonina Semedo, one of the founders of ‘Batuko Tabanka’”.



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