Brava: Vitó Project intends to carry out “stronger” campaign to protect turtles

Nova Sintra, Jun 27 (Inforpress) –  The Vitó Project manager, Herculano Dinis, announced in Brava that this year the foundation will carry out a “stronger” campaign to protect turtles due to the mobilization of “more funds”.

This information was released to the press at the end of a meeting that the project carried out with the MAVA Foundation, the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and other partners, within the framework of a project for the conservation of seabirds in the Rombo islet, funded by the foundation.

According to the manager, MAVA is a Swiss philanthropic foundation that funds a number of projects in West Africa and also in Cabo Verde. Here, according to the same source, one of the projects that receives support is the conservation of seabirds.

In addition to the Vitó Project, which works on the conservation of seabirds in the Rombo islet, there are several other national partners, in addition to an organizational development project with the organization.



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