Brava: St. Paul Medical Services 8th Mission officer defends the need of a dentist in the island

Nova Sintra, Sep 24 (Inforpress) – The pharmacist and head of St. Paul Medical Services’ 8th mission to Brava, Bishoy, defended the need of a dentist full time on the island because the dental problem is the “heel of Achilles” of the population.

Considering this finding, although dentist Emad pointed out that this time the situation was less worrying, the official demonstrated the availability of the mission to support the health center with materials to equip a stomatology room.

On the island, “most” people have tooth problems, but there is only one private dental clinic and the dentist only comes to the island once at the end of the month, lasting a week. This scenario makes it difficult for many people to have a dental treatment.

Notwithstanding the availability of the mission to support the dental equipment issue, in September 2018, in another mission to the island, the head Rasha Gamil in an interview with Inforpress said that they had a meeting with the Ministry of Health (MS) to make contacts and have permission to equip the health center on the island with equipment and a full operating room, but they have not yet made a decision.



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