Book “Sonhos e Desvarios” invites people to take a trip through the author’s dreams – Presenter

Praia, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – The presenter of Fátima Bettencourt’s book “Dreams and Desvarios” considered the book “very interesting” because it invites people to take a trip through the author’s dreams and also brings pertinent questions to reflection.

Zaida Sanches made this consideration this Wednesday, just minutes before the relaunch of this book, which took place today, in Praia, as part of the 3rd edition of Morabeza – Book Festival, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Industries Creative Arts (MCIC) and runs from October 25 to November 3.

The presenter recommends people read the book because, in her opinion, it will be “a good time to travel through the author’s imaginary world”, stressing that, despite being a storybook, it is very marked in everyday life and in Cabo Verdean reality.

“Interesting is that they are experiences and dreams that she dreamed herself and later she does a work of adaptation to fiction and goes on to address different topics, such as child labor, speaking about domestic violence, gender, immigration and emigration, caçubody (cash or body) and different situations and adventures are lived,” she said, emphasizing that the writer has already inhabited people with good writing.

The first lady, Lígia Fonseca, who was invited to make an appreciation about the work, stated that anyone who knows the Fátima Bettencourt voice when reading this book gets the impression that is listening to her and her voice, emphasizing that this makes the most enjoyable reading.



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