Boa Vista: Owners and residents of Ribeira de Racone complain about invasion and destruction of properties due to the construction of the football field

Sal Rei, May 30 (Inforpress) – Owners and residents of the Ribeira de Racone complain about “invasion of trucks and machines that destroyed their properties” due to the works of a company that is building the football field in Ca Cagja, the work by City Hall of Boa Vista.

This information has been forwarded to Inforpress by the resident Martina Évora, who speaks on behalf of the undermined who made a petition addressed to the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, in which they express “discontent with the situation that they consider an invasion and destruction of their properties by a company contracted by the local authority to build the football field of Ca Gadja, in the north of the island.

In the document, the owners explain that “their properties have been invaded by trucks and machines, which have taken away demarcations, trees, plantations, stones, gravel, earth and sand”.

The subscribers “express a feeling of revolt”, and affirm that “there are only furrows left”.



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