Attorney General of the Republic asks PR for influence due to impasse in appointing CSMP bodies

Praia, 10 Jan (Inforpress) – The Attorney General of the Republic urged the President of the Republic to exercise his influence as a magistrate “for the sake of justice”, aiming to resolve the political impasse for the appointment of the bodies of the Superior Council of the Public Ministry.

On his visit to the Head of State, José Maria Neves, for the traditional New Year’s greeting, José Landim stressed, however, that more than consensus, the suitability and merit of the designated persons fit into the list of his concerns, while nomination requirements.

Landim acknowledged that in justice “you can never satisfy everyone”, stressing that there are always complaints”, but guaranteed that, rather than depending on the Attorney General’s Office, efforts are being made so that justice reaches the goals set and at a faster pace.

Considering that the results of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are already included in the public report, José Landim assured that some gains are being achieved, even though he is concerned about the Comarca da Praia, given the lack of employees and limited space.



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