Association of Ship-owners proposes working towards the improvement of fishing sector conditions on the island of Santiago

Praia, Jan 18 (Inforpress) – The Association of Ship-owners from Fishing Pier of Praia (AACPP), whose members of the governing bodies were sworn in this Tuesday, proposes to work to improve conditions in the fishing sector on the island of Santiago.

According to the chairman of the board of directors of the AACPP, Samora de Barros, with this association Praia ship-owners want, above all, to bring together the class and work for the common good, which, he stressed, involves improving the quality of all professionals in the sector.

According to Samora de Barros, there are currently 63 ship-owners. They frequent both Praia fishing pier, on the island of Santiago and on other islands and other areas of the island of Santiago, and who face the same difficulties and challenges.

He points out as priorities working to improve the quality of the commercialized fish, the creation of cold infrastructure and factories for processing and adding value to the fish, the construction of a floating pier for mooring fishing vessels, thus avoiding possible collisions with commercial ships of unpredictable consequences.



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