ARME advances energy efficiency project with a focus on reducing energy bills in the country

Praia, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – The Multisectoral Economic Regulatory Agency (ARME) presented this Friday, in Praia, the energy efficiency project that integrates an awareness campaign, among the population, with a view to reducing of the energy bill in Cape Verde.

To the press, the chairperson of the Board of Directors (PCA) of ARME, Leonilde Santos, advanced that the awareness campaign will focus on schools, believing that through children the message arrives “faster at home”.

“The project intends to go not only to the general population, but has a focus on schools because we understand that through children we will be making a contribution and getting home much faster” said Leonilde Santos, explaining that “this project is, not only to improve energy efficiency at ARME, but also to meet with consumers”.

During the awareness campaign, he added, they intend to give tips on how to reduce energy bills and how to be efficient in energy consumption.

“We want an ARME that communicates, that dialogues with consumers, but that listens to the regulatory authorities, with this we will be watching over the interests and rights of consumers, on the one hand, and on the other hand, guaranteeing the financial efficiency of the regulated entities”, Leonilde dos Santos stressed.



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