Adevic points out the acquisition of didactic materials as the main gap for the Braille writing and reading system

Praia, January 4, 2023 (Inforpress) – The president of the Association of the Visually Impaired of Cabo Verde (ADEVIC) said today that the acquisition of teaching materials constitutes a gap for the Braille system, which, in addition to being very expensive, does not exist in the country.

“They all come from abroad and in the last two years, with the pandemic crisis, we have not been able to bring any type of material for writing and reading. Right now we are waiting for a batch of materials and I believe that this will give us more strength in this work, but it is very incipient”, he explained.

In an interview with Inforpress, within the scope of World Braille Day, celebrated today, Marciano Monteiro considered that the lack of human, financial and material resources is also one of the main gaps that prevents the massification of Braille reading and writing.

To mark the day, this association said it would hold a ceremony to hand over 30 mobile phones to the blind people who were selected, both on the island of Santiago and on the other islands, within the scope of a project named “communicate without limit”, financed by Garantia Seguros in partnership with Adevic.



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